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2 days ahhhhh

This might be the last time i update for 2 weeks...how sad eh?

I leave for Alaska in 2 days to go see my sister with my dad.. I dont wanna fly. Scary. Ive never been on a plane so we will see how this goes. I might freak. Who knows. Then when im there I have to go on a 9 hour cruise...Ive never been on a big boat/ship either. AHH. Im really stressed about flying. But im sure I will be fine. I have to go to the mall tonight and finish buying my stuff I need. HOPEFULLY a new GILBERT AHAH. Maybe...just matters. Anyways I doubt I will talk to anyone for 2 weeks. Except Aaron and my mom. And Ill call Gina from the plane like I said I would. But if I can get online at my sisters I will. Im gonna miss Jason and Shanes birthday party. :(
And Emily I will miss your birthday too. I come home July 31st. Yay. I have to finish packing in a few minutes here. Blah.

Anyways the past week I have been playing alot of asshole at the lake. And taking midnight swims. And almost getting arrested one night. And me, aaron, bino, and shane being chased by a truck. That was kinda funny though. Im gonna miss everyone when I am gone. Sadness.
when I get back my mom is going to Kentucky for 4 days. Maybe I will just have to have a party.

Well im gonna go finish packing and stuff.........

Maybe I will update again before I leave but who knows.
If not.
I will in 2 weeks!

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