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worst entry ever because im lazy

I guess I could update.......

For one I dyed my hair red again......YAYY. Or maybe not so yay. I dont know.


*Me, Aaron, Gina, & Jason went to Streators carnival for awhile.
*I got mad at a carny cause he ripped Aaron and myself off.
*Went on a couple of rides yay.
*After that we went to Jasons house cause his brother was having a party....
*Justin Del made up a hilarious song about french toast.
*Me & Gina found out shocking news. AH.
*Me, Aaron, & Justin went in the hot tub.
*I got out.
*Gina and Jason got in.
*Beatty was mad cause Justin and "others" drank his bottle of Soco.
*Almost was a fight but there was no fight.
*Later I come back to the hot tub to ask Steve for something and there are 3 naked chicks in there and just ew..
*I got tired.....me & Aaron went home.

*No idea what I did during the day...
*Me, Aaron, Tar, Gina, & Jason went to Streators fireworks.
*They were lovely.
*Tar almost got into a fight at RoadRanger. I laughed the whole time to myself.
*Then we headed to Wyanet or somewhere around there for this party.
*After the oh so long drive we arrive...
*And BAM a cop pulls in right behind us and asks us a million questions.
*And says we have to "get out of dodge"..... I was PISSED.
*So we didnt even get to go to the party cause it was getting busted.
*GRRRRRR. SO then we decide on going to Satch's.
*(Where I wanted to go in the first place)
*Saw alot of people I havent seen for quite some time.
*Got kinda tipsy.
*Witnessed Satch bitch out some girl for smoking in the house.
*Around 3 we decided we wanted to go, so me, Aaron, Gina, & Jason left.
*We went back to Jasons.
*Aaron, Jason, Mike, & Offey lit off fireworks.
*Me and Gina made fun of them and called random people.
*Me & Jasons dog bonded....then he tried to suffocate me.
*Then I went to bed around 5. Woke up at 9. Woke up at 12 and finally went home.

*I didnt even want to go anywhere at first on Sunday cause I felt so crappy.
*But of course I changed my thoughts and left.
*Me and Aaron picked up Jakey, got my alcohol, dropped Jakey off at some house, then went to waterstreet.
*Lost Gina and Jason while we were finding parking spots.
*Eventually found them ...
*Saw way too many people to even remember.
*I dont even think I saw one firework.
*Anyways I love waterstreet, but awhile after the fireworks I had to leave because my foot was bleeding...grr.
*OK it took me & Aaron 30 minutes or so to find the car. It was pretty funny.
*Then we went to Luke Gidcumbs and drank there for awhile.
*Heard some funny stories from Scrouch and Brian.
*Then me & aaron went to Daves.
*It felt like a forever trip to Ottawa, but we finally got there.
*I got even more drunk..played with a "turtle", and yeah.
*Eventually I got tired and we went back to Aarons.

(im cutting off alot because im lazy and dont want to update anymore)

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