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who updates?@!

Ok I dont update anymore...

I suppose I could fill you in with my weekend...

Friday Aarons mom and sister left for the weekend so me and him went to his house and watched some movies and just relaxed. I like relaxing.
Saturday Aaron had a party at his house...
I dont remember everything that went on..but I know a few details.
*Me & Aaron were drunk and put on togas. Sara did too.
*Bino made some hilarious movie.
*Tar got hooked up as wished.
*We went sledding down the stairs.
*Me & Aaron got in a water fight.
*I dumped a glass of cold water on Emilys face when she was sleeping.
*I didnt pass out until 6am I believe.

Then we had to wake up at 830 to get ready to go on a canoe trip. So Aaron, Gina, Jason, Tar, Bino, Emily and myself all got up and got our shit together.
*I went outside and it was nice out....
*I found a used condom on the sidewalk...SICK
*We found a note that said "thank you for waking up the neighborhood at 4 in the morning"

So yaa we all left and met other people at ayers landing and got on our canoes.
*We tied all our canoes together.
*I started drinking at 11am.
*We saw a pirate.
*I got hit in the face with a frisbee thanks to JJ. HAHA
*It was soooo cold out. I froze.
*Eventually we all seperated canoes and went our own way.
*I peed on me & aarons canoe.
*I was wasted.
*Parker caught a goose. And then the momma goose was pissed so he put it down.
*Jason fell out of his canoe.
*Me, Aaron, Gina, and Jason made it back to ayers landing.
*Aaron and Jason jumped off cliffs.
*I fell in the sand and wanted to steal a bus.
*I was told to stay in the car so I didnt get arrested...pahh!
*I tried peeing in the parking lot and Aaron got mad..hahah.

Ok so ya we waited for Tar, Bino and Emily to get back, they got back, we all left and went back to Aarons. Sometime I passed out on the living room floor, woke up in bed and gina and jason were gone. Emily left, Kyle came and picked up Tar and Bino...
Later me and aaron went to the ER because ive been having bad headaches for a week and couldnt take it anymore. I have sinusitis. O yay. Then we went back to his house and went to bed.

Now I am finally home and im gonna go see my dogs and eat.
The end

<3 kt

and ya i wont update for awhile probably.
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