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in a nutshell......

wow..I have not wrote in here in so long. Or even been to this website in forever, maybe it is because of myspace..damn that thing.

Anyways..things have been going good. Aaron & I are doing great. My sister was home for the past week and half , wihch was fun. And crazy as well..in a good way. Here is the past week or so in a nutshell.. Went to Sherri and officer Dougs house..went skinny dipping, rode a tricyle.. Jeffrey the cardboard man and I were drunk and went for a walk almost passed out by the SV firestation, Aaron saved us. Some other day.. Went out to the bars in Peru with Jetta and my dad, peed outside of Rephils, took a ride in a wheelbarrow. Fell out of the wheelbarrow. Harassed Mike. Had weirdos stop over my Dads. Got into a fight with my dads girlfriend, got real pissed off...left with my sister to Bloomington..went out to eat with my brother and his friend. Went to Daddios. Went back to my brothers me and sister drank a bottle of X rated. Played Karaoke Revolution. My brother threw a shoe at me , gave me a fat lip. Looked like botox. Left a bad message on my Dads answering machine. Do not remember a word of it. Woke up ..went home. Dads pissed at me. Now I think I am someone around Saturday..Aaron & I go out. Went to Stan's, went to Pagans, I was in a bad mood. So we went home. Sunday woke up and went shopping in Chicago with my mom, sister, and Aaron. Bought some stuff. Got home, got ready and me & aaron went to Bloomington. Get to Jarrett's. Aaron, Adam, Jarrett and myself take a cab to Bloomington bars. Go to Diggers, Fat Jacks, some bar..and Rhinos. Outside of Rhinos my high heel got stuck in a sewer and I fell, thinking I broke my ankle sat there laughing. They dragged me inside. Me and Adam salsa danced. HA ALONG CAME POLLYYYYYY. Then they started closing down..go outside Aaron gets in a fight with some fat beast of a girl. It was hilariousssss. PEuTAA! Then somehow we lost our cab..BATS were flying in the sky..I was so scared so we finally flagged a cab. Go back to Jarrett's , me and Aar went streaking. Got Jarrett naked outside and Adam lcoked me and him out. GRR> So we drink at Jarretts, watch Anchorman, Jarrett put my thong on. HA. Finally pass out. Wake up next day we all go shopping. I bought an outfit thats pretty damn cute. Me and Aaron get back in town around 9 and go to sleep.
I know that was a big ramble..might not of made sense but that is just a update of my past week or so. In one big sentence. I am still upset with the fight between my dads gf and me. And the message I left did not improve it any. I havent talked to my dad since then. I know I should call and apologize but I didnt start this..she did. But if i dont do it, I will probably not talk to him for awhile. And I dont want that. Im just not someone to pick up and phone and call someone and apologize. Ugh. The only thing I am apologizing for anyways is the message. But it was pretty mean. And I feel bad now, even though Im really not sure what I said on it. But yea..I will figure it out.

I am just waiting for Aaron to get off work.
Maybe I will update in the next 6 months..who knows.

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