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well its been awhile since i wrote a real entry here...like usual.

lets see last weekend...

FRIDAY= Paul was home so I wanted to see him so me and Aaron went over to Jakes and Paul and Emily were there. We drank a bit there and I got to see Paul wwhich was great. It was good seeing you! And then we headed over to fish n fun cause it was Ginas last night here kinda. We only stayed there for a lil bit though. Drank a lil there and went BACK to Jakes. Everyone was then wasted. I drew on Emilys face when she passed out, it was funny she had a french man moustache. Bahha. Emily I wish I wouldve had a camera so you couldve seen it. But ya then we left there again around 4am, and met Kyle at steak n shake, ate some food , talked and then me and Aaron came back to my home.
SATURDAY...Me and Aaron were suppose to wake up and go to the sba homecoming game, but we overslept. So we went to Ottawa instead. Hmm we went out to eat, then we went over to Robbies and played Kings with aarons sister and a few people. I got a buzz going then we went and picked Emily up at Josh's. THENN we headed over to Streator to party with Aldo and some people. Played some more drinking games, drank more beer, and by the time I left there I was drunk. Then we dropped Emily off, and me and aaron went back to his house to meet up with Dave and James. Got there, I drank a few more beers...and then I was completely wasted. I guess i threw a squash at the neighbors house..hahahah. And I did something to Aarons drain..I just cant say hah. And ermm Dave locked me in a cage. Anything after that I kinda cant remember. Except randomly calling people and randomly Iming people. So yeaa. Good times though.
SUNDAY...Woke up, I was hungover..booo. Me and Aaron went out to eat with his Dad at Starved Rock for brunch. Then we went to Brandon wake and stuff. Sad. Then lets see..we came back to my house , then for some reason we went back to Ottawa cause Adam and Dave wanted to do something . They were all drinking but I didnt want to cause I did all weekend. So ya we just chilled around Aarons house and whatnot. I put some nice backgrounds on Aarons computer though.. hahah shemales.

So ya that was my weekend. Interesting huh?

Now im just up playing mariokart and shit.
And my cat attacked Aaron..baha its what he gets..jk. ♥

I miss Gina :(

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