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Could I have been....

Lets see here...
Sunday was Farmaid..which was awesome. I got to see my lover Dave again ♥. And he was fucking great. And he sang "Stay or Leave" which really made me happy since thats one of my favorite songs. And he played "Granny"..which I dont think Ive heard him play before. And Kenny Chesney was pretty good too, but I have already seen him before too. We got there at 12 or so and watched all the other bands play, but the good ones didn't start till around 7. And by the time John Mellencamp played at 10 I was sooo tired since I went there with 3 hours of sleep in me. Im suprised I even stayed awake for Neil Young and Willie Nelson. It was so fucking hot during the day...I took a nap sometime during one of the unknown bands. And woke up when John Mayer came out, even though he didnt sing, he just played guitar for someone. BOO. O well though. So ya I was dying of heat during the day, and then at night I was freezing. Weird. I wanted to go rape Dave when he was on stage..but sadly I didnt. Maybe next time ;)

So ya I am just waiting for Aaron to get off work to see what we are going to do tonight. I think we are going to Ottawa. But I have to get my hair cut first before I freak out. Maybe I will dye it too, even though I said I wasn't going to dye my hair anymore. I swear it is going to fall out by the time im 30 cause I dye it too much. O well.

Well Im off like a dirty shirt.

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