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holy shit I am going to update..!

Well its been since before I went to Alaska that I updated....
So maybe I can tell you about that..
Me and my Dad went to Alaska to see my sister...
But I will just skim some things cause it would be too long too tell everything..

*Ok as I said before I was scared to death to fly there....the way there was a 6 hour flight with a layover in Seattle. It really wasnt that bad. I still dont like flying, but im not as scared anymore.
*I was in Alaska from July 16th-July 31st.
*I saw plenty of wild MOOOSEEEEEE.
*I fell into Valdez Bay and it was freezing.
*I found starfish at the Pacific Ocean.
*Took a 9 hour boat trip on the Pacific Ocean and saw humpback whales, fin whales, a shark, sea otter, harbor seals, sea lions, puffins, minature penguins, dolphins, ...maybe a few more animals but i forget.
*Went to Denali National Park on a bus trip and saw grizzley bears, caribou, wolves, moose, ground squirrels, and Mount Mckinley.
*Drove 11 hours to see the Arctic Ocean and it was fucking freezing. I think it was 30 degrees there. In Fairbanks where my sister lives it was 80 degrees. Big difference.
*I saw plenty of mountains , glaciers, and waterfalls.
*Went to a Animal Wildlife Refugee and saw deer, black bears, grizzley bears, buffalo, wolves, caribou, and some more moose.
*We went to the North Pole (its a town) and met Santa Claus and his reindeer...hahah. Ho ho ho.
*Thats really all I can think of to say....I have like 400 pictures and im trying to scan some of them and even though im only scanning like 100 of them that will take me forever so when I have them done ill put them in my yahoo photo album.

Since Ive been home...
*Went to Riverfest with Aaron and other people.
*Partied at his house afterwards and it was nuts.
*Went streaking at 4am.
*Put on scary masks and ran around his house...hah.
*Was way too drunk.

*Been hanging out at Kyles girlfriends Elenas.
*Playing alot of euchre and what not...

*I dont know what else has been going on...

*I got a tattoo yesterday...yayy...its a shamrock on my lower back on the side. It didnt hurt at all like I thought it would. Eh.

But im done so gooodbyeee...



^my dad, me, my sister, and her friend Rose at the Arctic Ocean in Alaska.

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