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Ok I havent made a real update in quite some time......so Ill just make a random list of what has been going on. And what I can remember.

*June 2..Me and Aaron went to the Dave concert which was awesome. Afterwards we went and bought me a present. Hhaha.
*Me, Aaron, Gina & Jason went ghost hunting one night...I almost peed myself..it was scary. MARGARET AND JOHN HAHA.
*Partied at the apartment for the last time, cause everyone moved out :( ....I got wasted and someone took pictures of my puke, it was gross, ew. BUT the first time Ive puked from alcohol in a year. A monument.
*Shaw gave me his hampster, Mr.Bojangles. I love him.
*Ive now beat Aaron in monopoly 7 times. He never wins. Muhaha.
*Me, Aaron, Ally, Dave, & Adam went skinny dipping at Fish n Fun, I pushed Dave in the pool, he was mad.
*I went to the Taste one night, went on a few rides. Ate yummy tacos.
*I bought my dogs a swimming pool and they love it.
*Went to a party at the bus. Probably the first time Ive been there since last summer. Interesting.
*I peed my pants one night....we wont get into details.
*A few nights ago we partied at fish n fun in the trailor for the first time since we got kicked out...me, Aaron, Gina, & Kyle played asshole. I was President for a round! WOO! It got crazy. I got pretty drunk. Told Jason he was the "manager" ...fell out of a chair a few times. ...and fell out of a big bottle of water and fucked my leg up.

*Tonight Im going to stay at Emilys. She is going to dye my hair. YAY!

But Im going to go shower.
Just thought Id make a quick and shitty update.
Its better than no update so take it.

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